Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

bilgalicious CHOICES OF 2008

Congratulations to all winner.
keep rockin'.
Jesus bless us.
keep visit me.

Selasa, 23 Desember 2008

BEYONCÉ | "Diva" and "Halo" Video Download

"HALO" Video

"DIVA" Video
Download? >> http://www.mediafire.com/?jdt31mizkd4

[thanks to R&B Stars]

note : this is only for PROMOTION
support BEYONCÉ
buy her CD.

Happy Holidays.
Jesus bless you.
CHRISTMAS isn't about a present.
CHRISTMAS is about JESUS who was born for us.
bless you all.

BEYONCÉ | "Diva" Video Premiere

"DIVA" Video Premiere

as soon as possible.
i will post "Diva" & "Halo" mp4.

merry christmas all.
god bless you.
happy holiday.
CHRISTMAS isn't about a present,
CHRISTMAS is about a king who was born for us.
bless u.

Senin, 22 Desember 2008

BEYONCÉ | "Diva" Official Cover and Rumors 5th and 6th Single!

"DIVA" Official Cover
i don't know, but i prefer Halo than Diva.
and i got news that the fifth and sixth single will be Radio from Sasha disc
and Broken Hearted-Girl from Beyoncé disc.
i think,,that is a good news. Broken Hearted-Girl is preety powerful ballad from Beyoncé like Halo and Radio is better than Diva.
Whatever,, I Am..Sasha Fierce still the best album of 2008.
god bless you all.
keep visit me.

BEYONCÉ | "Diva" & "Halo" Premiere Tomorrow | NEWS

"DIVA" & "HALO" Premiere Tomorrow!
Beyoncé fans will get an early Christmas gift when the pop star delivers her two new videos for Halo and Diva to iTunes on Tuesday.
Halo is the second pop single off I Am… Sasha Fierce, while the Sean Garrett-produced Diva is the follow-up to the No. 1 hit Single Ladies.
For now, still i prefer Halo than Diva. Halo is more beautiful than Diva.
Wait tomorrow, hopeful the videos will be great.
go Beyoncé.
god bless you.
merry christmas all.
keep rockin'.
wait' for bilgalicious top 2008.

Jumat, 19 Desember 2008

STRAIGHT NO CHASER | Holiday Spirits | Album

"Holiday Spirits"
Christmas Album
i love this group.
their voice so amazing.
in this holiday album, they recorded about 12 songs.
included some my favourites like "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", "Jingle Bells Rock", "Silent Night", "Hark The Herald Angels Sing", and also "The 12 Days Of Christmas" and many more.
you must have this album.
buy and support their album guyz.
jesus bless you.
merry christmas^^.
comment please.

Kamis, 18 Desember 2008

BEYONCÉ | Confirmed "I Am..Tour"

Confirmed "I Am..Tour"

Queen Bee is back!
The tour will start on April 2009
and the tour will start from Europe.

comment please.
thanks all.
god bless you.